Customers have higher and higher expectations for the products we design. Now we upgraded the original clay pizza oven to make it more humanized. We believe this upgraded version–Double Chimney With Spring Handle Type can help you to win the 2022 season!

Now you can enjoy the discount with the sample. Contact us now! 

Double Chimney Clay Dome Pizza Oven With Spring Handle

Upgraded version covers all the features of original version. The upgraded version also adds double chimneys and spring handles:

【No Crack】 【Quick Warm-up】
【Lightweight】 【Excellent Insulation】
【Double Chimneys】 【Spring Handles】
Clay Pizza Oven Single Chimney After Burning

Single Chimney After Burning
(Original version)

Clay Pizza Oven Double Chimney After Burning

Double Chimney After Burning
(Upgraded version)

Here have 2 chimney solutions you can choose. There are single chimney and double chimney.

Clay Pizza Oven Wooden Handle
Clay Pizza Oven Spring Handle

There are wooden handle and spring handle for you to choose. You can also choose the color, chimney style, chimney hat style, etc.

Get a Sample

We are glad to show you more clay pizza oven designs! Infrared burner, separate burning room, different style foot frame, etc. What you want are all here.

more clay pizza oven designs

Mass production of the clay pizza ovens are on the way. Here are some pictures of the production process in our factory. In addition to product design, we are also take care of all of development, production, sourcing, and shipping.

Mass production of the clay pizza oven
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