Days ago, Nexgrill president Mr.Sherman and his team visit one of our factories in Gaoming, Foshan. During the visit, he asked me, why you put the thermometer in here but not there?

Here is the answer, hope the answer can help you understand this issue too :)


1. For your gas grill, since the wind is from the vertical side under the fire, and there is no Chimney there, so the heat can’t come out, that is why the highest space temperature will be at the top (where you place the thermometer). In fact what the user needs to know is the temperature that applies to the food, where should be in the food grid. Put thermometer at the top, in fact, not so useful.

2. For the pizza oven, it uses space temperature to cook food, so the cook will need to know the correct space temperature which applies to the food.

Since pizza oven uses the hot and cold air transmit heating way, so we just need to put the thermometer at a certain point where cold air in and hot air out stable, then it can reflect the space temperature which applies to the food correctly.

That means, you can’t put the thermometer on the door (Cold air in, the lowest space temperature there) nor on the chimney( Hot air out, the highest space temperature there), except these tow places, you can put the thermometer anywhere you want on the oven body, the temperature difference will be within 50°.

Pizza Oven-Ovendesign

Hope this information can do some help to you too.