Wood-fired Clay Pizza Oven

Lightweight, excellent insulation, no crack

After 10 years’ hard work, it comes out today and we think you’re really going to love it.

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Our Story

Our Story
Wood-fired Clay Pizza Oven

Ten years ago, an American customer and a European customer complain with our Designer Wang that the clay pizza oven on the market is well insulated but too heavy, even up to 1000kg. It is hard to commercialize in this situation. But we know many families like a clay pizza oven placed in their backyard elegantly. They love to entertain, love having lots of friends and family around, love something interesting to finish complement alfresco dining area. But they are lazy to carry out complicated and cumbersome clay ovens self-built process. They need delicate, existing clay ovens that are easy to move.

So the hard journey began. Our designer Mr. Wang invested much time and money to test thousands of materials and cooked thousands of food ingredients, developing innovations and commercializing the Wood-fired Clay Pizza Ovens. Today, in 2020, a new wood-fired clay pizza oven design was born. She overcomes the shortcomings of previous clay ovens on the market, says goodbye to the complicated and cumbersome self-building process. Now has the benefits of lightweight, excellent insulation and no crack. We called her “OOBEE”!

Benefits of OOBEE Clay Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Light weight


We test thousands of materials to make the fire clay lighter and lighter. Now it is 50% lighter than the other pizza ovens in the market which with the same size. For the size 600mm pizza oven, the weight just 53KG! We make it easy to move.

Excellent Insulation

Excellent Insulation

The test shows when the oven inner temperature reaches 370°C, the oven appearance temperature is about 80°C. We can even put our hands on the top of the oven when cooking, proving that this fire clay has good insulation properties.

No Crack

No Crack

It is this special fire clay that allows rapid heating and cooling without cracking. We put the oven store in cold storage -20° for one night and then fire again, drench the cold water while the fire was burning vigorously, the oven still intact, no cracking and deformation. Check Our Test Crazy Video

Quick Warm-up

Quick Warm-up

It is this special fire clay that allows an OOBEE clay pizza oven to get to the ideal cooking temperature in 30 minutes, whilst maintaining their heat for several hours without adding any fuel.

Elegant Outward

Our OOBEE wood-fired clay pizza oven range combines modern American style features including brick, smooth render and cast iron to instantly create a genuine feature with true provenance for your home. The OOBEE clay pizza oven breathes an air of comfort into any location you place it, whether it’s on a countertop on your patio, or in a stand on the corner of your outdoor living space.
The combination of the Beetle outward design and the black stainless steel rack makes the clay pizza oven look modern, but it is not futuristic, making it an excellent choice for almost any family.

Elegant Outward
chose different finish

Customize The Exclusive Finish Type

Dissatisfied with the current finish type? We can customize the exclusive finish type to match your venue and taste. We can put mosaic tile, broken tile, fire bricks, classic red brick, multicolored small stones, ceramics, stainless steel, smooth plastering or sandblasting with different colors, etc. as the finishing on your OOBEE wood-fired clay pizza oven.

Contact us for the outward design

Cooking Flexibility

Cooking Flexibility

Cooking and baking in clay ovens dates back to the earliest civilizations, more than 6,000 years ago. These ovens produce evenly cooked foods and are prized for making fine breads and pizza, but can also be used for meats and poultry.
Many people would agree that cooking in a wood-fired oven evokes the romance of tradition. They might be surprised to learn that it can also be remarkably efficient. The OOBEE wood-fired pizza oven can reach higher temperatures than a conventional domestic oven and has a more even temperature distribution, making it easy to cook a delicious pizza in just two or three minutes. You can also bake, barbecue, roast, slow cook, smoke and pan cook with ease. And because the OOBEE clay pizza oven retains it heat for hours, it is perfect for slow cooking.

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The OOBEE Wood-fired clay pizza oven size 800mm can fit up to 3 x 8-inch pizzas in at one time. Alternatively, the oven can hold 2 large roasting trays or bake 6 loafs of bread at one time. Please see the capacity diagrams below.

Bread Capacity
Pizza Capacity
roasting trays capacity
The NO1 designerWood Fire pizza oven size

Specification and Features

● Material: 201 stainless steel, high-temperature clay as insulation, the cooking floor is pizza stone.
● Color can be customized (red, black, yellow, blue and so on)
● Fuel way: Wood and Charcoal-Fired
● Cooking Area: 455x475mm/640x560mm
● Package: Knocked-down packing, K/K double-wall corrugated carton, 1pc/carton.carton box +wooden box
● Package size: 810x820x675mm/930x910x700mm
● Package Weight: 99KG/148KG

View videos

Temperature Test

Factory View

Cooking on Clay Pizza Oven

Cracking Test

Production Line

Cooking on Clay Pizza Oven

Insulation Test

Gas Type Sample

Cooking on Clay Pizza Oven

What will be upgraded in the further?

Ovendesign is not just a name — It’s Our Attitude. Our goal is to continue working, to develop more products with the same quality and durability that our clients deserve! We do what other Chinese pizza oven or BBQ grill vendors can not do. Here have a quick look at our OOBEE clay pizza oven what will be upgraded in the further!

Wood and Infra-Red Burners Dual-use Pizza Oven

Wood and Infra-Red Burners Dual-use Pizza Oven design

Separate Burning Room Pizza Oven

Separate Burning Room

Other Wonderful Clay Pizza Oven Design

wonderful oven designs
wonderful pizza oven design

Past Successes

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Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: For the size 600mm the MOQ is 84pcs/40GP. For the size 800mm the MOQ is 78pcs/40GP.

Q: What about the delivery time?
A: For one 40 GP the delivery time is 45 days.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept the following payment methods: Western Union,Moneygram and Bank Wire Transfers.

Q: Can I do OEM/ODM?
A: Yes, you can print your logo on our existing design or we can design a new one just for you.

Q: Is OOBEE ovens easy to install?
A: Yes, it is easy to install. For the size 600mm, just 2 guys can move it to the stainless steel bracket.

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