When it comes to design a new Pizza Oven or BBQ grill, I think the first thing you need to consider is what heating method you are going to use.

Since the heating theory is same for pizza oven and barbecue grill, so I talk them together.

Following are the methods for your choices:

Under heating method

Upper heating method

Rear heating method

Side heating method

45° heating method

Pizza oven and BBQ under heating method-by Ovendesign

In the market, almost 90% barbecue grills are using the under heating method, this way is not good, the heat or sometimes the fire contact the food directly, in that way, food is easily scorched and even created carcinogens; the juice produced by the food drips directly onto the burning fuel, can create badly smelling. Unfortunately, even the big brand and the very upgraded design are using this heating method.

Upper heating method – Created by Mr.Wong, the chief designer of Ovendesign, by this method, the heat comes from upper of the food so the fire or heat source won’t touch the food directly and avoid food’s juice burning in the fire.

Pizza oven and BBQ upper heating method-by Ovendesign.


Rear heating method, 45° heating method,

Pizza oven and BBQ rear heating method-by Ovendesign


Side heating method, same function as upper heating method to solve the traditional under heating method problem.

Pizza oven and BBQ Side heating method-by Ovendesign


Even there are 5 different heating methods there, with different physical structures, different fuel (such as gas, pellet, charcoal and even the Solar energy -and yes, Ovendesign is developing the solar energy BBQ grill now), it will produce different thermal effects and come out even more amazing pizza oven or barbecue grill! That is the job for industry designer – Ane yes, Ovendesign is the NO.1 of them, no others :)

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Let’s make some changes in the piazza oven and BBQ grill industry together!