The Oven Design Have Patent Approval

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The Oven Design Have Patent Approval Adhering to originality is the soul of design, and adhering to quality is the life of design. Originality and quality are the core value that Ovendesign has been pursuing.  As a design focus company, we are never the copycat. You can easy to find unique oven from our products line.

3 New Models Of “UFO” Pizza Oven

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Ovendesign have many high quality and competitive products but we will not rest on our laurels. Our goal is to develop more products with the same quality and durability that our clients deserve! Now let's introduce 3 new models of "UFO" pizza ovens to you. Please not miss these strong products from our 2022 sale

Don’t Miss These Hot Sale Ovens!

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UFO Pizza Oven Series (UFO-W-P-1、UFO-G-P-1) Spraying Type / Stainless Steel Type, Wood-fire Type /  Gas Type for you to choose.  UFO series pizza ovens have small volume, is more compact and lighter, the container can carry more ovens. Lightweight & Portable : The net weight of the pizza oven Just 9.5 kg. Easily Assembled, Folding portable. Wood-fire type

Work Review Of Ovendesign In 2021 And Holiday Notice

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Thank you for support of Ovendesign all the time. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, we wish you and your family happiness, good health, joy galloping thousands of miles, to a higher level! Ovendesign team is on the Chinese Spring Festival holiday from January 28th to February 7th, 2022, and will come back

Two New Models of Infrared Social Grilling Tables

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Did you like the "UFO" Series Infrared Burner Pizza Oven that I introduced to you last time? We carry the concept of infrared gas burner to extremes – Two New Models of Infrared Social Grilling Tables will introduced for you this time.  If you are interested in these two  social grilling tables, please contact us to joint development. Besides, we can

“UFO” Series Infrared Burner Pizza Oven Is On The Way

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What is your dream present for the new year? Would it be a great pizza oven? Before the new year, we have a good new to share with you. With all of our designers and workers hard work, our new design "UFO" series infrared burner pizza oven is going to make the sample.  It is smaller

Amazing Clay Pizza Oven For Your Market

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Customers have higher and higher expectations for the products we design. Now we upgraded the original clay pizza oven to make it more humanized. We believe this upgraded version--Double Chimney With Spring Handle Type can help you to win the 2022 season! Now you can enjoy the discount with the sample. Contact us now!  Double Chimney Clay Dome

Start The Pizza Oven Business Journey From A Sample Now

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 2022 is approaching, we have good news to share with you. Now we have a small amount of samples of upper infrared burner BBQ grill in stock, you can  take samples to prepare the purchase plan for the second year. Is your purchasing plan ready? Let Ovendesigns help. Contact us now! Start The Pizza Oven Business Journey From A

UFO Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Are Ready For Mass Production!

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After hard research and development, our UFO wood-fired pizza ovens is mature and ready for mass production. We are ready. And you? UFO Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens Are Ready For Mass Production! Wood-Fired Portable Outdoor Pizza Ovens, Made by cold rolled sheet UFO-W-P-1 Feature: 【Attractive

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