Ovendesign Cooperation Factory

Alibaba & Intertek Verified Strength Factory

Floor space (square meters) 13000
Pizza Oven Total output (annually) 33000 Pieces
Production line number 5
Number of Full Time Employee 48
Equipment number 85

At our factory, every pizza oven is crafted with precision and goes through a rigorous production process to ensure that each and every customer receives superior product quality and an exceptional user experience. We deeply understand that the trust of our customers is our most valuable asset, which is why we uphold a professional and refined production philosophy at all times.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our factory and witness the birth of a perfect pizza oven.

Step 1: Engineers provide CAD drawings

Before laser cutting, the engineers need to produce CAD drawings for the products, which can quickly and accurately draw out the cutting patterns that meet the requirements. This can greatly reduce the problem of inaccurate design and ensure the precision and accuracy of laser cutting. The materials are optimized for utilization. Through the optimization algorithm of CAD software, the materials are automatically arranged to minimize material waste, improve utilization rate, control costs, save resources, and help customers save costs.

pizza oven production line (211)
pizza oven production line (210)

Step 2: Material procurement and preparation

We rigorously screen suppliers and select high-quality raw materials and components. Before the materials enter the factory, we conduct stringent quality inspections to ensure that every batch meets the production requirements. This rigorous selection and inspection lay a solid foundation for producing high-quality pizza ovens.

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Step 3: Laser cutting

Laser cutting is the initial stage of pizza oven production, where precision is crucial. Our factory’s laser cutting equipment boasts high precision, high efficiency, and high stability, capable of meeting the cutting needs of various complex shapes. Through professional operational procedures and strict quality control, we can ensure that every component of the oven is manufactured according to precise dimensions, which is essential for the final assembly fit of the product.

pizza oven production line (20)
pizza oven production line (22)

Step 4: Bending phase

Our experienced team precisely controls the bending angle, radius, and position to ensure that the sheet metal parts meet the design requirements. This requires workers to have a deep understanding of equipment operation and proficient skills.

Ovendesign-Factory (4)
pizza oven production line (13)

Step 5: Welding stage

Our workers ensure that the welds are flat, free of pores, cracks, and other defects to meet the product’s strength and sealing requirements. This requires mastering correct welding parameter settings (such as current, voltage, welding speed, etc.) and welding techniques.

pizza oven production line (21)
Ovendesign-Factory (2)

Step 6: Grinding stage

After the welding frame is completed, our craftsmen need to precisely grind the oven. Selecting the appropriate grinding material is crucial, such as sandpaper, diamond grinding sheets, or grinding wheels for electric grinding machines. Workers must accurately select based on the oven’s material and surface condition. During the grinding process, special attention is paid to details such as corners, seams, and other hard-to-grind areas. After grinding, a quality inspection is conducted to ensure the oven’s surface is smooth, free of scratches, and has no rough feel. If any quality issues are found, our workers will promptly repair.

pizza oven production line (115)
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Step 7: Assembly process

This is where all individual parts are assembled to form a fully functional pizza oven. Before product assembly, our expert team organizes worker training and establishes multiple professional installation lines to ensure each component is perfectly installed.

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Ovendesign-Factory (6)

Step 8: Burner inspection

For gas-fired pizza ovens, burner ignition testing is a crucial first step in the production process. Workers need to have a deep understanding of the gas oven’s working principle, structural composition, burner workflow, and the role of key components. They must also master relevant safety knowledge and operating procedures, such as adjusting the gas source’s working pressure, ensuring the appropriate inlet size, and checking the ignition device. During the inspection, workers accurately identify key indicators like flame color, flame shape, and flame temperature to determine if the burner is functioning properly. Technical staff also conducts airtightness tests, and we adhere to 100% full inspection to ensure each oven meets our strict factory standards.

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Ovendesign-Factory (12)

Step 9: Oven cleaning

After passing quality control inspections, the oven undergoes a thorough cleaning process. This includes removing any debris, dust, or residue that may have accumulated during manufacturing or testing. The oven’s internal and external surfaces are carefully wiped with approved food-grade cleaners to ensure the final product is intact and ready for use.

pizza oven production line (225)

Step 10: Packing and storage

Once the oven is cleaned and inspected, it can be packaged. All packaging materials for the oven are custom-made. Before determining the packaging solution, we conduct professional drop tests to ensure it arrives intact at its destination and is delivered to the end consumer.

pizza oven production line (12)
pizza oven production line (224)

Step 11: Inspection of finished products

Before the packaged oven leaves the factory, we assign professional QC personnel to conduct inspection. This step includes product appearance inspection, functional inspection, safety performance inspection, product structure testing, combustion testing (for gas ovens), temperature rise detection, packaging, and transportation testing. We ensure that all oven components are present and functioning normally, meeting the predetermined quality standards.

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pizza oven production line (24)

Step 12: Goods loading

The pizza oven is now ready, and the final step is loading. Our shipping team, with rich experience and close cooperation with several renowned logistics companies, will select the most cost-effective logistics solution based on your needs to ensure your oven arrives safely and quickly. We also prepare all necessary customs clearance documents to ensure smooth customs clearance for your goods. (Of course, you can also arrange for all this yourself.)

Ovendesign-Factory 12

From raw materials to finished products, every link is imbued with our craftsmanship and hard work. We always adhere to the production philosophy of professionalism and constant improvement, aiming to bring excellent product quality and outstanding user experience to every customer. Choosing us is choosing quality and trust. We are proud of every oven we produce, because we know it is a testament to our craftsmanship and the source of happiness for pizza lovers worldwide.