Portable Gas Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven QQG-2

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Product parameters

Product material Cold rolled sheet
Cooking area 33*33cm
Max temp. on Working space 500 ℃ (test)
Burning method Behind-Burning
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time 5-10 minutes (test)
Fuel wood/pellets/charcoal
Insulation Materials Ceramic fiber
Processing Technology Sheet metal
Working environment Outdoor + semi outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Portable, with foldable legs
Packing size 46.5cm * 55cm * 33cm
G.W 15 kg
N.W 13.9 kg



What’s in the box?


Ultra Fast Heating

The pizza stone can heat up to 350°C in 15 minutes, our outdoor oven can give you more time to enjoying great pizzas. Built-in thermometer to monitor the temp. By using the movable door, you can adjust the draught of the oven and an eyehole allows you to check the food being cooked.

Easy to Carry

This portable pizza oven weighs only 14KG, which can be easily moved. With foldable legs and a removable chimney, it can save you a lot of effort and for your easy storage and transportation. It is a natural centerpiece of any gathering or camping trip.

Excellent Insulation Effect

The pizza oven’s durable hi-temp powder coated steel shell and internal insulation cotton can provide an ultra-high insulation system. The cordierite pizza stone can withstand high temperatures, making the inside of the pizza crust more fluffy.

Hassle-free Operation

The pizza oven for gas grill is easy to install and use, connect to the gas barrel, turn on the button to cook. It is easy to clean after use, just wipe it with a damp cloth, saving you time and energy very well, it is very practical and user-friendly.

Versatile Application

Food is essential to life, therefore try your best to make it good.  This pizza oven is designed for you who love delicious food—allowing you to try out all your favorite recipes and bake pizza, chicken, steak, fish and any other food to perfection. Pizza oven is not only for pizza!

Perfect Pizza Oven Tools

The portable gas-burning pizza oven is equipped with pizza stones. In addition, there are various oven tools for sale, such as heat-resistant gloves, pizza cutters, thin spatulas, dust covers, pressure relief valves, pizza pans, etc. The accessories you want are here.


Design Solution

Here have 2 types of chimneys you can choose. One has a ventilation door, another one hasn’t a ventilation door. Please Check the picture below.

Have Ventilation Door

No Ventilation Door

Here have 3 types of chimney hats you can choose. There are Crown Chimney Hat, Crown Chimney Hat With Press Edge, and Flat chimney hat. Please check the picture below.

Crown Chimney Hat

Crown Chimney Hat With Press Edge

Flat chimney hat

Here have 3 door types you can choose. There are Turn Over Door, Turn Over Door With Drawer, and Movable Door. Please check the picture below.

Turn Over Door

Turn Over Door With Drawer

Movable Door

Here have 2 handle types you can choose. There are wooden handle and PF handle.

You can choose different colors for your oven, such as black, yellow, red, green and so on.

Finish Type Solution

Here have 2 finish type solutions you can choose. There are Durable Hi-temp Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel.

Durable Hi-temp Powder Coated Steel

Stainless Steel

Dust Cover Solution

Here have 2 Dust Cover solutions you can choose. There are One-piece Dust Cover and Split Dust Cover.

One-piece Dust Cover

Split Dust Cover

Package Solution

Here have 3 package solutions you can choose. There are Color-Print, Oil-Print, and Regular packages.





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