16 Inch Gas Type Pizza Ovens With U-shaped Fire Row Burning

SKU: QQ-G-H-4(16")

Product parameters

Product material Cold rolled sheet+Stainless steel
Cooking area 40*40cm
Max temp. on Working space 500 Celsius (test)
Burning method Fire Row Burning
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time 5-10 minutes (test)
Fuel Gas
Insulation Materials Ceramic fiber
Processing Technology Sheet metal
Working environment Outdoor + semi outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Portable, with foldable legs
Packing size 64×57×38cm
N.W 18KG
G.W 23KG


Gas Pizza Oven QQ-G-H-4 (57)
gas pizza oven (56)




Gas Pzza Oven QQ-G-H-4 giphy

U-shaped Fire Row Burning

This pizza oven is different from the traditional single-sided or L-shaped fire row burning design. With a three-sided flame configuration, your pizza and dishes are evenly heated from all sides, ensuring your food is perfectly cooked.

More Efficient and Even Heating

The U-shaped fire row burning design allows for more efficient and even heat distribution. The flame surrounds the pizza stone, providing continuous heat that penetrates the pizza peel, resulting in a crispy and evenly baked pizza.

Flame Directly Contacts the Pizza Stone

One of the standout features of our pizza oven is its ability to direct the flame through the side openings to the bottom of the pizza stone. This ensures that the pizza stone reaches a higher temperature, providing an intense and authentic pizza baking experience.

Certification (11)

With CE Certification

This gas  pizza oven is equipped with CE certification, ensuring safety and reliability in every aspect. With its compliance with European standards, rigorous testing, high-quality materials, the pizza-making experience will be safe and enjoyable.


Package Solution

Here have 3 package solutions you can choose. There are Color-Print, Oil-Print, and Regular packages.





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