Rear Heating Charcoal Barbecue Grill


Product parameters

Product material cold-rolled plate & stainless steel
Cooking area 61*31cm
Max temp. on Working space Above 500℃ (test)
Cooking method Barbecue
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time  15-20 minutes (test)
Fuel Charcoal
Insulation Materials None
Processing Technology Sheet metal
Working environment Outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Horizontal Type, with wheet legs


Burning and baking in different Room.

Flexible design, oil of grilled food flow into the spoon.

Equipped with 2 wheels , Barbecue Grill can be moved at any time and placed as you wish.

Rust-resistant aluminum dampers.

Removable shelf in food room and fire room for easy cleaning.

There is a shelf at the bottom of our oven for placing tableware, food, also can place firewood and charcoal, that make cooking more convenient.


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