OEM/ODM New Design Wood-Fried Clay Pizza Oven

SKU: CLAY-W-800-2-B1(old)

Product parameters

Product material clay
Cooking area Φ65cm
Max temp. on Working space 500 ℃ (test)
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time 15-20 minutes (test)
Fuel wood/pellets/charcoal
Working environment Outdoor + semi outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Vertical
N.W 113kg


Benefits of  Clay Wood-Fired Pizza Oven


We test thousands of materials to make the fire clay lighter and lighter. Now it is 50% lighter than the other pizza ovens in the market which with the same size. We make it easy to move.

Excellent Insulation

The test shows when the oven inner temperature reaches 500°C, the oven appearance temperature is about 80°C. We can even put our hands on the top of the oven when cooking, proving that this fire clay has good insulation properties.

No Crack

It is this special fire clay that allows rapid heating and cooling without cracking. We put the oven store in cold storage -20° for one night and then fire again, drench the cold water while the fire was burning vigorously, the oven still intact, no cracking and deformation. 

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