Wooden Pine Pizza Board .

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How To Clean The Pizza Peel?

The best way to clean the pizza peel surface is scrub gently to remove debris with a damp cloth or gauze. Occasionally clean with water. stored at cool, dry and ventilated place after dry it with a clean towel. We recommend reduce the times of cleaning with water, it can extended service life.

How To Maintenance The Pizza Peel

Oiling your pizza peel with a edible oil when you use the pizza peel at the first time. After spread the pizza peel evenly along the grainuse with the brush or cotton, air dry the pizza peel at ventilated place . It’s best to repeat this process 2-3 times before using the pizza peel. In the later use process, it should also be smeared with edible oil for maintenance, which can prolong the service life.


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