Gas Clay Pizza Oven

SKU: CLAY-G-800-2-B2

Product parameters

Product material Stainless steel, thermal clay, ceramic tile
Cooking area Φ70cm
Max temp. on Working space 700℃ (test)
Burning method after-burning
Warm-up time 15-20 minutes (test)
Fuel Gas
Processing Technology Sheet Metal
Working environment Outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Gas nozzle Φ 0.8mm
Burner Infrared Burner


Ten years ago, an American customer and a European customer complain to our Designer Wang that the clay pizza oven on the market is well insulated but too heavy, even up to 1000kg.
So the hard journey began. Our designer Mr. Wang invested much time and money to test thousands of materials and cooked thousands of food ingredients, in 2020, a new gas clay pizza oven design was born. She overcomes the shortcomings of previous clay ovens on the market, says goodbye to the complicated and cumbersome self-building process. Now has the benefits of a lightweight, excellent insulation, and no crack. We called her “OOBEE”!

● Goes from 0°C (32°F) to 500°C (750°F) in just 15-20 minutes and cooks a pizza in 3 minutes
● It has a cooking area diameter of 70 and its weight of 99 Kg (218.26 lbs).
● It is this special fire clay that allows rapid heating and cooling without cracking. We put the oven store in cold storage -20° for one night and then fire again, drench the cold water while the fire was burning vigorously, the oven still intact, no cracking and deformation.


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