“SUV”  Wood-fire Pizza Oven With Blower


Product parameters

Product material stainless steel
Cooking area 33*33cm
Max temp. on Working space 500 ℃ (test)
Burning method Behind-Burning
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time 5-10 minutes (test)
Fuel wood/pellets/charcoal
Insulation Materials Ceramic fiber
Processing Technology Sheet metal
Working environment Outdoor + semi outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Portable, with foldable legs



【 Reduce Preheating Time
You can increased the wind power when the oven is preheating. With the help of the blower, combustion of the carbon will be more fully, it can reducing the heating time.

【 Save Time On Make A Fire
When the flame is extinguished ( no open flame, but have residual temperature), do not need to light the flame when you increase the fuel. Turning on the blower can reduce the time to make a fire.

【 Rotary Switch Design 
The flame size of the gas pizza oven is controlled by a rotary switch. Wood-fired pizza ovens with blower also have a rotary switch withch can control the blower’s wind force to fully burn the pellets.

【 Easy To Disassemble 】
The oven legs are raised to facilitate the disassembly of the blower. At the same time, it can also reduce the temperature of the desktop when the food is burning.

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