Portable Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Rear Heating

SKU: F16W-1

Product parameters

Product material 430 stainless steel
Cooking area 33*33cm
Max temp. on Working space 300 ℃ (test)
Burning method Behind-Burning
Heating method Hot and cold air convection heating
Warm-up time 5-10 minutes (test)
Fuel wood/pellets/charcoal
Processing Technology Sheet metal
Working environment Outdoor + semi outdoor
Use level Environmental protection
Type Portable
Packing size 80cm*50cm*40cm
G.W 12.21kg
N.W 15kg


If you love the taste of a great wood-fired pizza but don’t want to deal with a heavy stone or complicated system, nothing is easier to use than the portable pizza oven, an outdoor, wood-fired pizza cooker that uses wood pellets to heat up in just 10 minutes. This portable cooker is ideal for the backyard, tailgating on gameday, or spending time with friends at the park because it can help you create fresh, delicious steaks, burgers, fish, and pizza in no time flat!


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